Community Information and Referral Services was founded in 1964 and incorporated as a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in 1979.

2-1-1 Arizona

From July 2015 through June 2016, we fulfilled more than 1.2 million service requests for health and human services through our call center and website.

2-1-1 Across the United States

93.5% Overall Coverage

% of Population Covered* by 2-1-1 in Each State

Hover your cursor or tap each state to see how much of the state is covered by 2-1-1 dialing services.

* Coverage is defined as populations with landline telephone access to 2-1-1 dialing codes.

Population based on 2010 Census.

Data produced by United Way Worldwide and Alliance of Information and Referral Systems: April 2016

Directory of Human Services & Self-Help Support Groups for Maricopa County

We revise and publish this valued book every year. It’s used by human resources professionals, case managers, counselors, and more to help their clients find assistance in Maricopa County.


Alliance of Information and Referral Services Systems (AIRS)

As an accredited and founding member of this international professional organization with over 900 members throughout the United States and Canada, we take the lead in providing information to those in need in as many ways as possible.