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Does your organization provide health and/or human services to people anywhere in Arizona? 2-1-1 Arizona can help connect people in need with you. Inclusion in our referral database is free to qualified organizations.

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Inclusion in our database does not imply endorsement nor does exclusion imply disapproval.

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Does your organization qualify to be listed?


It is the policy of Solari to collect and classify information about human services available throughout the state of Arizona. We define human services as the continuum of programs that address human needs ranging from basic living needs such as food and shelter through life improvement services such as education, to life enhancement programs such as cultural programs. It is our intent to provide as comprehensive a listing of human service agencies as possible. We will prioritize our work according to the urgency of the need presented through data-driven community requests.

Terms and Conditions
  • We reserve the right to include or exclude any agency based on our direct working experience with them or our knowledge of their industry or services.
  • We reserve the right to provide support for the following:
    • Specialized programs in which 211 Arizona may be or become involved,
    • Community planning and research,
    • The special needs of organizations that have a formal relationship with 211 Arizona (contracts or other written agreements).
Inclusion Criteria
  • We may choose to include the following types of organizations that have provided services for at least six months; that are licensed as required by regulating agencies; and serve Arizona residents.  Exceptions may be made for emergency services during crisis.
    • Private, non-profit agencies in general (see exclusions) registered with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and/or the Arizona Corporation Commission and in good standing,
    • Government agencies and government supported programs including Federal, tribal, state, county, and local governments,
    • Organizations that are staffed exclusively by volunteers,
    • Community collaborations and coalitions including faith-based organizations that provide crisis and human services such as food boxes, clothing, financial assistance, etc., that are accessible to everyone beyond the organization’s own members,
    • Community and self-help groups,
    • Mexican and Canadian Consulates, whose countries share a border with the US,
    • For-profit and nonprofit medical hospitals.
  • We will consider including the following for-profit and private or group practices:
    • Organizations or programs providing service related to 211 Arizona contracts,
    • For-profit services when those services are not adequately met by the non-profit sector. Examples:
      • Utility services that do not have a non-profit counterpart,
      • Programs contracted with a state or federal agency and that accept AHCCCS or have a fee structure that meets the needs of low to moderate-income individuals,
      • Programs that satisfy court ordered requirements,
      • Programs that provide unique, specifically targeted or difficult to access services.


Exceptions may apply for organizations or specific programs that serve vulnerable populations, i.e., people experiencing homelessness, individuals with disabilities, victims of domestic violence or special populations. These organizations and/or programs may be subject to a site visit or required to submit additional documentation to support their licensing and/or governing body regulations.

Exclusion Criteria
  • Agencies that deny service on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious belief, or national origin, or that violate federal, state, or local laws or regulations,
  • Programs where standards of service quality are heavily regulated and for which there exists a governing entity that adequately provides central referral for the service; (e.g., nursing homes, hospice),
  • Private practitioners or group practices of mental health providers, medical doctors, dentists, or legal/paralegal providers,
  • The following categories are ineligible for inclusion in the 211 Arizona database:
    • Individual fire stations,
    • Police, sheriff, and Department of Public Safety substations,
    • Political parties,
    • Individual schools,
    • Public parks and swimming pools,
    • Foreign consulates for countries that do not share borders with the United States,
    • Long-term care facilities,
    • Home health care, home care providers, and private nursing services,
    • Psychiatrists, counselors, therapists, and life coaches,
    • Lawyers, paralegals, notaries, and other legal services that are not part of a larger social service program,
    • Veterinarians,
    • Real estate agents/ Realtors®,
    • Substance use treatment and/or medical care,
    • Behavioral health treatment and/or medical care.
Appeal Process

4.1 Organizations that request review of an exclusion decision or additional details can submit their request in writing by email to Upon receipt the request will be reviewed by the Manager of Resource Database Operations and a reply will be provided in writing by email within 30 days.

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