Update Your Organization’s Listing

If your organization is already in our database, you can fill out a form under Update My Listing. You can find the form under Partners, Update My Listing or click the direct link below. Your updates will be sent to our Resource Database Operations team where they will review the changes. Please note that all fields in the dropdown menu below must be filled in. If you have further questions, please email ResourceConnection@Solari-inc.org.

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Complete this form to update your listing

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Other ways to update your listing

If you’d rather not sign up for an online account and the Quick Verification form isn’t appropriate for you, please choose any of the following alternate verification methods.

Send an email to the email address on the letter we sent with your Agency Listing.

  • Include the name of your agency/organization.
  • Include your name and job title.
  • Provide detailed information about changes to your agency or let us know there are no changes.

Print out your Agency Listing, make changes, and scan your completed verification.

  • Set scan quality to screen or 100dpi as these will not be printed by us.
  • Email your scanned verification to the email address on the letter we sent with your Agency Listing.

Fill out the form on the letter we sent with your Agency Listing, attach your corrected Agency Listing, and send your verification to us by mail or fax using the contact information on the letter.

Looking to get your organization listed?

We are happy to help you with any questions you have about your listing and making updates to it.
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