Heat Relief Weatherization Programs & Home Rehabilitation Services

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Weatherization Programs  

  • These programs can help you improve the energy efficiency of your home and protect you from the elements. Services could include ceiling insulation, attic venting, double glazed windows, weather-stripping, minor housing envelope repairs, low-flow showerheads, evaporative cooler vent covers, water heater blankets, pipe wrap, duct wrap, switch and outlet gaskets, caulking, and other related energy conservation measures. Weatherization programs may have age, income, disability, need, or other eligibility requirements.  

Home Rehabilitation Services 

  • These programs can provide assistance if you need to make major repairs to your home or upgrade/replace entire systems to eliminate health and safety hazards or to improve your security (for example, installing fences or fixing/replacing broken doors or windows). Services could include major roofing repair and/or replacement, electrical and plumbing upgrades or repairs, septic system improvements, heating and air conditioning system repairs; flooring, tile or wall repairs, and interior and exterior painting that is part of the home rehabilitation process. Most programs do not handle minor repairs. Age, income, disability, need, or other eligibility requirements may apply. 

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